Saturday, July 7, 2018

OVERDRIVE- VOX Straight 6 Drive Pedal ...a real 12ax7 tube ...a bit of AC30 magic BUT???


$130.00 USD
With a real preamp tube switching the on the pedals classic Vox Top boost ...treble boost with the gain backed off is very impressive With shades of an AC30 sound is worth the price of admission.

Higher gain sounds are disappointing. The pedal is harsh and a bit thin. It could really use some good active EQ especially the mids. Of course using it to push a good tube amp could make a world of difference. It could also add some real tube character stacked into a good FET OD.

 I do love it's low gain settings though. Great looking too.
The pedal has just recently been discontinued so look for
blowout pricing. Expect $100.00 USD or better.

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