Sunday, July 1, 2018

OVERDRIVE- VHT V-Drive ...from very nasty to crystal clean chime ...but between anything goes? $100.00

$100.00 USD

The select gives 11 clipping diodes to choose from.
The texture allows you to change the boost of the harmonic content like push for some sparkle or back off any fizz.
Depth lets you tighten or boost the lows.
on the back you can control the voltage which effects the
compression to add more or create extra headroom.
It greatly affects the tightness of the sound.
The overall voicing is unusual when cranked it is aggressive and cuts like a knife all with nasty, nasty edge.
If you pull back it cleans up like a low gain pedal and you
get glass like crystal clarity. The controls though are very sensitive. Small movements can create little miracles or totally trash your sound.
The build is excellent and the price is dirt cheap for such
a sophisticated pedal.
Both heaven and hell for the knob twiddler!!!

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