Saturday, July 21, 2018

FUZZ- CAROLINE GUITAR COMPANY Cannonball ...a beeped up oldie... and a goodie at that!!!


$300 .00 USD
It is not the first time they and others have borrowed from Billy Gibbons favorite Fuzz.
The Bionix Epandra ...(he used 6 all set with a different setting lol,
Used as his only dirt pedal on the first few ZZ Top records.
The Expandra was itself a beefed up Pro Co Rat.
It was famous for it's massive low end and the crazy noises it made if you overloaded the gain stages into each other. The Cannonball has kept the best of the Expandra but smoothed out the kinks.
To be honest I like them equally.
A Japanese into an oldies market has bought the name and has reproduced the original.

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