Sunday, July 8, 2018

OVERDRIVE- MESA BOOGIE Flux Drive ...the Mark series amp in a box..

$180.00 USD

The FLUX Drive is the Mesa Boogie Mark amps OD sound in a box.
The first Bogie amp started life as a Fender. Boogie did mods on Fender amps until one day they realized they had ripped out and changed more of the Fender amp then they left. LOL

So it sounds like what it is.
A beefed up Fender Twin or Deluxe etc.
The sound is more about a good crunch then a solo voice.
Being Fender it lacks serious lower mids and bass.
A lot of blues players love it
I once worked in a store where I sold a lot of Boogie amps.
At the time I played a Plexi.
I still do. lol
The problem I find with it is whatever you loose turning a little transistor box into an amp sound in one area you can make up for it in another.
But if you are an amp company you can not put something into
sound that is not in the amp. So you get right what you can and live with what you can not do.



The last video is the Caline MK4 pedal. Put it on 7:30 then put the 'San System vid on 3.
The Boogie is cleaner and richer in detailed overtones then the Caline. The Caline does not however  seem out of place. The tone is much rougher but it makes a more than passable substitute. It's only $35.00 USD too.
The low end could not be fixed on either so Caline just added a course one in. They had no need to get sound that accurate. They just went for an approximation of the sound with the artistic addition of some low end grit.

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