Saturday, July 14, 2018

OVERDRIVE- SEAFOAM PEDALS Trident Overdrive ...a gain stage for bass, mid & highs that you can boost separately!!!!

$250.00 USD
Well good or bad this is NEW!
The controls say it all bass/mid/treble 3 drives and 3 volumes.
First shown at the SNAMM 18 it is only 2 weeks old!
Seafoam are a small handmade, best of parts company
at SBS they go to the head of the class.

It appears to be a low gain pedal. It is as laid back as it gets. It seems to be free of any artifacts which is heaven for a low gain pedal. I'd love to have it for my 12 string things.

There are a lot of low gain pedals out there of a similar nature
but I have not heard one better. Period!!!

This is not your Rock low gain pedal ...for that the Disphoria reins supreme! But for a lot of music a lighter touch is a necessity and I have heard nothing that comes close to this.
Well done Seafoam!

This goes straight to my short list!!
I love it!

This pedal has the sweetest most natural warm low gain OD I have ever heard in a pedal.
       Full stop!!!! This is 'IT'   

This is the only pedal in a year that will be in an up coming WORLDS BEST post coming soon ....that I have not had to think twice over!!!!

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