Saturday, July 28, 2018

OVERDRIVE-JETTER Gold Standard OD lite it covers it all!

$230.00 USD
Nothing new about the concept. Two pedals in one box. Jetter are best known for their low to medium gain pedals that give you a  noticeable amount of variation in their voicing.

You can zero in on a sound rather the just find that one sweet spot and go with that.
You can use them separately or stack them. There is even the shift switch which toggles between to different sources for the pedals voicings.
In short the pedal unlike nearly all others does not have a single fixed sound.
Makers find that a really good singular sound sells pedal ...because it is predominant and
the pedal's sound can not be ruined by the buyer. In other words you can get many, many great sounds on the Gold Jetter but you
can just as easily dial up a total sh@t sound too.

A lot of session players use them or independent sidemen that need a small fly rig that they can find whatever they need from pedals like their 'Gold'.


If scratch making your own voicings is your thing then check out 
Dr. Scientist ...The Elements  v.7 
It takes this whole concept pasts earths gravity and beyond.                    

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