Sunday, July 22, 2018

OVERDRIVE-ACLAM Cinnamon Drive ...gutsy rough and REAL!!! love it!


I must admit after reviewing 300 plus OD's I am amazed at how often someone
reinvents the 'wheel' convincingly. In short an increasing long list of really great OD's. 
all just distinctly different enough to make me want another. I already have 20 of the very, very best.
I also have another on order and yet another on my short list. new the paints wet!!! No price yet???

Ignore the slots on it. It is for a mounting device :-) See vid.

A simple set up with a switchable boost. It all gets down to the sound. The sound!
Gutsy, Raw in your face. Very late 60's thru 70's classic vibe to the tone.
The secret is using 'soft clipping' on the gain to give you an authentic Marshall type sound that is just before breakup. You can then push it into crunch. Add the boost and you bring some hard clipping in.
The whole effort is SO REAL you can taste it!!!

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