Sunday, July 29, 2018

OVERDRIVE- RED STUFF AMPLIFICATION Nineteen Eighty Seven ...Worlds Best METAL OD ?????


As the name suggests this is a massive undertaking of nailing every detail of the 'coming of age' guitar dirt tones of the 1980's

There are no less than '7' gain stages getting enough of the 'good stuff' is a given!!!!
The pedal is about as tube amp sounding as it gets. 
The unit is a stunning achievement and it is as well mde as it gets! As you can see by the controls it is virtually a 2 channel preamp layout with both a crunch and a lead layout.
It even has an effects loop. The damn thing is built like a tank and a lot of thought was put into the style of it. It is unique and different without being ostentatious or gimmicky.
The whole deal is a masterful achievement.

 But the question is ...can you do as well or better by buying two or more other OD's?

It appears that you must buy it from Red Stuff. 
Not only that there isn't any price listed????
It would appear that you must phone Red Stuff to find out?????

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