Sunday, July 1, 2018

OVERDRIVE- LUNASTONE True Overdrive Wise Guy ...a straight forward Brit style box with very natural sounding voice

$250.00 USD

This pedal  standard volume tone and gain
and a nice switchable boost.
You can switch between a classic compressed distortion or give it some headroom.

It is more or less a basic no nonsense take on a Marshall JTM 800 with those nice upper mids. It takes seconds to get around it to find your sound. It works great with single coils or hummies.
The basic sound is right down the middle.
neither too rough or too smooth. It has a very nice tube like sound with just enough range to take it in any direction but within the natural limits of a real Marshall. NICE! VERY!!!

This is a bullet proof choice. You can not get 'weird' with it. Anywhere you leave the controls will sound good and if you are new to working with OD's you can learn overtime without getting lost in extreme options that need prudent use of or a playing technique to control them. A great choice as a first choice or only OD. You can add the crazy stuff later.
Absolutely nothing to criticize!!!

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