Friday, July 6, 2018

DELAY- DRAWNER PRINCE ELECTRONICS Bonar Multi-Head Drum Echo ...dead cool!!!


$350.00 USD
The Italian made Binsin Echorec was a multi tap drum echo unit made in the 60's. They used a metal drum instead of a loop of recording tape like the American EchoPlex.The sound was shot back on 4 playback heads.
The result was a brighter even reverb like quality to the sound.
Several makers have made pedals to imitate the sound but none are quite so impressive as the Bonar.
It was Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour who put it on the map as a must have.

The key to much of it's magic is that wear over time would cause the drum to modulate.
Boonars cuircut creates a virtual magnetic drum. The original tube preamp was reproduced but uses FETs.
Geat care was given to recrete a convincing recreation of both the sound and the operation of the original.
Check it out the first video for the Floyd tempter ...then let Brett take you thru all the options and tricks of the unit on the second video.

What's not to love about the sound?

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