Monday, June 18, 2018

OVERDRIVE- GORE Gross Distortion ...can a 'one' transistor dirt box sound good???


$280.00 USD
So in the 70's a company called Electra Guitar offered
an LP style guitar made in Japan that came with a slot to clip in a series of sound modules.
Their distortion module was a single transistor model that used a diode to create the distortion.
This arrangement was no doubt fostered as a way to keep the modules both cheap and small.
It was simple but effective as it produced a dynamically responsive circuit. In short it responded to your touch very well. It was also less compressed with lots of headroom.

The Gore pedal has simply put 2 sets of 12 diodes.
Each set is on a rotary switch. This gives you 144 combinations or 144 different sounds. Add active tone controls and you have a lot of choice.

The diodes are germanium, silicon and LED.
I am not so sure it just doesn't have 3 basic sounds all the others being just a shade different.
So with even just 3 different kinds I am sure that there are a hell of a lot of usable settings.
The general tone is very mid range intense with a nice big harsh growl and metallic resonance like the body on a National Steel guitar.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

OVERDRIVE- QUIMPER ELECTRONICS RETROFIER Road Trip Warm Glow ...the pedal 'is' a tube???


$235.00 USD
The first thing you notice right off is that you are presented with a huge pedal with the usual on & off foot switch and 2 knobs. One is marked Drive  and the other is labeled Output.

So you say to yourself. What the FEEK!!! Or something like that. LOL

So here's the deal. Quimper think the only way to get a great tube sound without a tube is build one as the circuit itself.
The standard deal is to think ... FET or field effect transistor ...when pushed it sounds tube like. To simplify it creates a square wave with rounded corners ...with a real tube the whole wave is rounded wave. Close enough ???
Not for Quimper!

Well they did it. It is on one hand very impressive but on the other is very subtle.

It is what it is and does what is does. It has one very mild pleasant sound. There isn't any tone shaping of any kind. In short other then warming up an old school all transistor amp I see little use for it as a performance rock music tool. In the studio to warm up a variety of signals ...yes ...but as a stomp box
If they built a good guitar preamp around it perhaps they might have something.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

OVERDRIVE- LOVE PEDAL Super 6 ...instant Stevie Ray sound

$225.00 USD
) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )  )   ) SRV 

This OD is patterned off a Fender Black Face Super Reverb with the volume set to 6. Hence the name.
The yellow stripe on this one is indicative of a limited edition of 100 pedals with the SRV mod.
I heard the standard green with black stripes one and
you can easily hear a definite difference.

I just got a custom handmade 64-65 Strat neck PU
from Q.
Q is Tiho a guy in Croatia that winds and tweaks them until they nail the Hendrix sound. The 64-65 PU's were hand wound by Fender
and they varied. Some were a bit hot others not.
He has got the windings down to match the sound dead on.
I am semi retiring my Fender Custom Strat from playing live as a lot of guys in my area have had them stolen. But the sound was critical on a few tunes.
So I am having the Hendrix PU built into the neck position of my ...Silvertone guitar.
(I even found a nice German made nickel plated open faced cover for the PU to keep the guitars look from being spoiled)
I still need a Strat sound for a couple of tunes.
So the PU and the pedal are ear candy to make up for not having my real Strat.
Hence this is a gotta have.


Take a Strat and click on the neck PU and you
instantly have  Stevie Ray Vaughan's clean sound.

I think most who buy this pedal if they wanted more dirt they would
stack this with another OD or use this pedal as a booster to push their amp into a crunch.

I have a nice Wampler dB+ booster pedal to give BF 6 a boost but keep it clean enough for a SRV sound. It will all be going thru my Plexi which I have set to clean for all my pedals. I became a big SRV fan from when the Bowie Let's Dance record came out.

Impressive!!! I would bet an entry level Squier Strat with this pedal
would in a blindfold test have everyone asking "Whoa ...what kind of Strat have you got!!!"

Keep in mind if you love the sound that they are only making 100 of them for the whole world.  They can sell half of them in Briton the second the word gets around. Then you have the whole of Europe and Australia too.

Yes I did! Mine is already ordered and I expect 10 days tops before I get it.

OVERDRIVE- LOVE PEDAL Kalamazoo Silver Vintage Silver


This is an oldie goldie that has over the years had a few revisions.
 Like too many pedals needless updates to stir up some new buyers.
Well thank god we have the original back. It was not broke so it did not need 'fixing?'

The key is the 'GLASS' knob. It is well name as it gives a pure metalic sheen to the sound.

Overall it is hard to define perhaps a Fender Bassman or a
Marshall JTM 45 will have to do.It is really a thing onto itself.

It is very fat ...with huge amounts of lower mids that sub as bass with a strategic scoop and a sh@t loads of compression. The downside is there are no real lows, a weak sustain and very little dynamic range.
Love Pedals do a few more OD's that sound so much like this one on
a recording you could not tell so I will dispense with wasting your time with them . This one is the first and a classic.
Yes they have a couple more originals good ones but we will get to them later.
Enough said.

I love it regardless. LOL
It sounds good just doing what it does well.
A great addition as a second OD ...BUT for your only OD
there are dozens of more versatile choices.

Friday, June 15, 2018

FUZZ- MOEN Fuzz-Moo ...a bit like a Big Muff but fatter with endless sustain ...& $35.00

$35.00 USD

The older big 'moo' has been around for years with a cult like following. A Fuzz even the Fuzz haters love.
Endless sustain ...lots of balz ...super tight even gives you definition when strumming away.

The cool thing is if you have an OD you love you could stack it with this for a very cool Metal pedal. At $35.00 it's a no brainer!

It was recently been shrunk into a MXR 'b' type box.
The price tag has shrunk too.

The price reflects a straight from China price. (you can get it on AliExpress shipping too.)

I just ordered one. There are zero video's on the new small one. There are a few old big ones around but they are another $20 plus shipping. The distributors do not offer them any more. When Aliexpress have none it is a given they are out of production.
Moen has a very good rep so I will risk it is the same or as good. The big one is light years old so it could be needlessly big. A Fuzz is made up of a very few parts. The first Fuzz ever made had I believe only 7. LOL
The point is it will certainly fit in a 'b' box.
Right now it is on sale on Ali Express so it could go up 5 or 10 bucks.
Bottom line. Not much risk since if you sell it used you should be able to get back your money.

OVERDRIVE- STOMP UNDER FOOT Skinner Box... the first OD ever!!

$165.00 USD

When Pro Co brought out the first Rat pedal they sold it as a Fuzz.
There was no precedent for a dirt pedal designed in this way.

It was in fact the first true OD ever made. It was based on the now defunct LM308 Op-Amp.
S.U.F. have recreated it using NOS chips.

The pedal is all about aggression and attitude. This pedal has a lot!
I can not help but love the sound!

OVERDRIVE- CARL MARTIN DC Drive 2018 ...oldie but goody in a new suit!

$140.00 USD
This is part of the Carl Martin Classic series. The pedals have been updated in nifty new boxes. This pedal has been available for years. It is our trusty old standby a Plexi pedal.
It has a great fat lower mid thing just as it should. The recent popular ones by all makes have a lot more gain to push them into the shred category. This does not. Not as puritanically accurate as few recent pedals but it is a good impression.

A simple set up with tone, drive and level and the little killer 'Fat' switch'.

Bottom line. It is fat and with lots of rich harmonics
and just sounds damn good.

No shame in owning one of these sweet sounding boxes. Cheap too.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- HOT BOX PEDALS by Moen HB-RS Rusher OD...big bad sound low price!!!


$65.00 USD
Not so many years ago Kawai made a premium series
of gourmet pedals, They were actually designed and made by Moen.
Moen are a Chinese company that made premium pedals for a Chinese niche market. They always strived for the very best
but without a 'name' they have a very high profile because by not making clones they are unnoticed by the bargain hunters. They have always had to sell to the west with very low margins and that is evident here.
The Canadian company Hot Box wants to put them on the map but until they do they too will be selling cheap. Bottom line not be fooled by the price this is serious stuff. The Rusher is a case in point. Huge sounding OD with fat, fat rich overtones.
Yet a transparent tone where you can hear every note with great definition.
After leaving this Post for a few days and coming back and giving it another listen this pedal has all the signs of high gain Tube Screamer. I know high gain and ts do not sound like a comfortable marriage but it keeps popping up lately. The Cmat Mods Signa is a case in point. The transparency is accomplished by blending in some clean guitar with the dirt. The JRC4853 chip was the first ts chip but now there are 10 more. So that gives a lot 
of companies a short at a high gain ts.

If I had not bought the Signa I think I would give this one a shot!
I may yet get one but I am in the midst of building twin pedal boards. I already have 50 on my present one. I have at least another 10 waiting for a vacancy. 
I can barely lift my board so I think 2 medium size boards is the answer. 
That is of course if 30 pedals on a board can be called medium size. LOL

OVERDRIVE- DIAMOND Cornerstone OD ....lots of headroom or bring in a second gain and rip off some heads!

$195.00 USD

The big deal here is having two gains one pre and one post to act
like a master volume on a real amp.To my ears it is a take on
the Marshall Super Bass ...a 200 watt amp. It clearly has a lot of headroom if you want it. It is big and very open sounding without
the compression and saturation of an average Brit pedal.

I can not deny it sounds good but as a Plexi addict I miss that saturation. If you play things that are intricate or very busy like strumming chords this could be a godsend. You can always crank the amp gain if you need a bit of both.

Just not my thing at all. :-)



In the 60's the 500 pound Hammond B3 organ
found it's way into rock music having gone from the church to the jazz player to rock.
It was never meant to be portable. In fact for years it could be placed in a church and sit in one place for years.
Deep Purple, Stevie Winwood,
Kieth Emerson and others made it the 'must have' organ!
With it came it's companion the Leslie tone cabinet. It too was a furniture piece.

$350.00 USD
The Leslie was a mechanical device meant to simulate
the natural modulation of a cathedral on the the sound of a pipe organ. It had a spinning horn going in one direction
moved by a simple electric motor. A speaker that was fixed
with a spinning wooden drum with one side open and
a board acted as a horn, The drum spun in the opposite direction. The Leslie used the preamp in the organ to power
the amplifier in the Leslie. So you could not plug a guitar into it. Eventually portable preamps were made to fix that.
George Harrison was a big fan of the Leslie.

Modern tech can obvious put it all in a stomp box.
So know the big deal is to make a convincing replication of
the original Leslie tone.
the leslie motors ran at 2 speeds. Slow which gave choral
or chorus effect and fast which is  vague more vibrato like.
changing from one to the other means the motor either has to speed up or slow
down. There are no brakes to stop the 'spin' so this takes a few seconds to happen,
The change is a special effect in itself. It is part of the charm.

Neo make a few models but the mini simple operates like the 'real deal'
which is certainly all the guitarist needs. It has been replaced with the
Mini VENT II. Nothing new just I expect a few upgrades, tweaks or bugs removed,

Dead cool!!!

I love it. I am NOT big on pedals that require me adapting to them. In short having written a tune that
could use some colour I do not wish to rewrite it to fit a pedals side effects.
I would rather have 2 or 3 pedals that have been built to one thing as good as possible then some digital do it all. I have had those only to find them totally disappointing. I am talking expensive good ones too.
I do not care if it is done with analog or digital ...I just want excellence!
On the whole I find analog is usually better. To those who argue otherwise ...Why don't you buy a hightech plastic guitar then??? I rest my case!
Digital reverbs and delays have come a long way and are not only great sounding but recently a few are user friendly (that alone is mind boggling LOL).
So this pedal really appeals to me.
I have been going thru about 10 thousand a year for 3 years. I have amassed some great toys. But half of the stuff was a learning curve. I have about 20 expensive pedals on Reverb. LOL
The point is this pedal is on the shortlist but reaching for that list is just out of reach at the present.LOL

Saturday, June 9, 2018

OVERDRIVE- MAD PROFESSOR 1 Distortion/Reverb ...dirt and more dirt

 MAD PROFESSOR 1 Distortion/Reverb 

It could not be simpler. It is a very high gain pedal that it's lowest gain setting is a killer distortion that goes from a lot to a ridiculous amount. It is an 'Eddie pedal'
Why else would it be Brown? Because it is shi ...nah its a Plexi on steroids.
It has reverb built in too. No I don't no why either. It is hardly a Fender combo sound. Is it?
To be fair the reverb is a studio plate. Very nice. It sounds very good. It is idiot proof to get the infamous 'sound'

So what do I really think. It sounds great!!! They have done a great job. In spite of the focus it does not sound contrived but natural and amp like.

OVERDRIVE- AURA Brown Sugar ....superb sounding medium gain pedal ...ONE BIG BUT !!!


$440.00 USD
         $165.00 USD

Aura are an Brazilian amp company that also make a line of OD pedals.
This is their latest.
It has the standard level and gain and a 3 way EQ.
One can not miss the fact that they are hardly cheap
at $440.00 each they exceed all but a very few. Even those few are usually laden with features with many switches and knobs to access them.
Other then the MIAB (Marshall in a Box) handle we know nothing!!! Handling of the EQ will give you a nice chunky medium gain OD that can lean from a Plexi to a JCM 800 with a bit of tweaking. The sound is tight but fat and aggressive and has a very natural real tube like tone.

A great pedal. But there are at least a few as good. At about $225.00 USD give or take I would be giving my 'flexible' friend a workout. BUT at $440.00 Whoa.
PedalPal from Venezuela do 3 Marshalls easily as good for under $200.00 USD. In fact the Pal 800 Gold is this Pedals Twin! It has more features and is $185.00 USD
In short ...twice the price!!!! "I don't get it?"

I do get it ... a big price drop... Reverb has it for
$165.00 USD from the factory no less!

If you like it go for it's a really good Brit medium gain OD... not a lot of sustain .....average ...but get a different high gain pedal for that.
Need a comparison???
Check out the PedalPal Pal 800 Gold... easily it's equal. It has a switch to give let you match it to your touch that will follow the dynamics of your 'touch' and natural playing style. Nice. Sound wise they are twins
The overall sound is very, very similar.
I have the 'Gold' so I will give this pedal a miss.

OVERDRIVE-BENSON AMPLIFIERS Preamp Pedal ...something is familiar about this sound ???


$250.00 USD

Another amp company makes a pedal to mimic their amps.
A very impressive first pedal too. It has it's own voice that is very mid range strong. This makes for a very fat sound. The harmonic content is very, very rich and warm.
It is hard not to like this sound. I tend to prefer a lot of aggression in the sound.
Yes I am Plexi mad! The Plexi is a great balance between the Benson and
a modern Metal sound. It is dead in the middle.
BUT...I would love one of these too!


A great pedal but it bares a comparison to both the Chocolate Electronic OD
and the J.Jaunerig Gristle King which are more versatile as they are not trying to nail a specific amp.  They give you a similar sound but the designers are free to achieve something that was more flexible and have allowed you to obtain more aggression if you wish to push them.
I have the Chocolate Drive on order. Check out the Post.

Friday, June 8, 2018

OVERDRIVE- XOTIC SL Drive ...another PLEXI ?

$125.00 00 USD

If I described what a great OD should sound like etc. and I was handed this I would have to agree I got what I asked for. But how do ask for a bit of Mojo and not look like an air head?
At the price and with the general quality of any Xotic pedal
I would not criticize you for scooping up one of these.

Like all of the Xotic mini pedals it has the usual dip switches inside'
I find this a bit annoying since you can not flip open the bottom to tweak when one tune needs one sound and another tune needs another.

On the down side it does not have the rich harmonics or detail in the sound of many of the Plexi pedals. It also does not have the dynamics of others. It has some punch and you can get some decent lows
out of it.
It has noticeably little serious sustain ...but a real Plexi have doesn't any either. lol
A lot of pedals put it in because on records the player almost always is using a Fuzz or some other dirt box with his Plexi amp.
In short one expects it.
A good PLEXI pedal should have fat rich lower mids is a bit disappointing in this department.

In short a nice little pedal but not a killer or must have one.
Pedals in general keep getting better so it is easier to ask for more.
One might say it is rather a plain vanilla OD but it is at least a French vanilla jobbie!

Considering the advantage of the pedals size
and the price the dip switches are a good idea.

The Super Bass is a very nice extra for a few players, It is Marshall's 200 watt amp that guys like Ritchie Blackmore still use. Not for the level but for sh@t loads of headroom, He prefers preamp distortion over amp distortion & this is the trick to get that.

One thing majorly in it's favour. Listen to the vid. This pedal is very versatile. It is articulate on every note and chord. Others are definitely more exciting but this the one that could well be used the most.

If you are at a bricks and mortar that has Xotic check out their compressor it's killer and 
cheap for the quality.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

DELAY- GURUS Echosex 2 ....a Binson Echorec? damn close!!!

$700.00 USD

The Echosex 2 is based off of the 1 that was an
all mechanical remake of the 60's Bison Echorec
of Pink Floyd fame. The Binson was notorious for having the rubber wheel that moved the recording disc cause erratic movement of the disc eventually causing damage. When the disc and wheel were just mildly damaged it added to the sound in a quirky way. Gurus has replaced the disc with modern tech but has added a circuit and a control to F. it up to your own taste. LOL
They have kept the tube preamp in it so all and all there is a minimum difference to the original.
The result is a funky great sounding unit.
The new t7e has longer delay times.

OVERDRIVE-ZVEX '59 Sound a very nice 'same ol' Brit sound!

$220.00 USD

 ZVEX '59 Sound OD 

Quite simply a 1959 Fender Tweed Bassman in a box.
It does what it says it does. I sounds quite good.
Since the Marshall JTM 45 is based off of the Bassman
one can argue it is a Brit sound too.

ZVEX do a lot of pedals 'sideways' lol
It may look cool but it takes up alot of space on your average pedalboard unless you mount it sideways
Fortunately they recently had second thoughts and repackaged it
in a standard B box.
One sound done really well. I haven't any criticism with it other then
it is in territory where Brit dirt pedals are more numerous then grains in a handful of sound.



I have Thomas Blugs infamous Bluguitar Amp1 which
$300.00 USD
has a single military micro tube to emulate an all tube amp. It is a hybrid amp that has 100 watts yet only weighs 2 LB.
I was thrilled when I got and to be fair if cranked it sounds stellar!
It is now a great though perhaps expensive back up amp. LOL
I now use Marshall's Origin 50H a basic 50 watt Plexi.
I also use an ADA GCS-2 speaker emulator that makes my single 12' Celestion Neo Creamback sound like a Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab.

So how does the Blug stack up. Well it has an array of 5 Marshall stacks representing
different Celestion speaker choices over several years. From what I heard they sound damn good.
BUT for my purposes the ADA works great and is considerably cheaper at $120.00 USD and you can find them used, I got mine in mint for $80.00 USD.
I get a lot of that fatness from my placement near the speakes edge but since that is not typical
other demonstrators tend to put it closer to the center of the cone for a tighter sound so if I could
compare it side to side I would know if it is worth moving up.

For recording it has a huge selection of speakers to choose from and for many this is perfect as it is much, much simpler to use then it's high end 'do all's' and we have Blug's stellar ear not just his technical abilities to make sure the sounds are authentic.

OVERDRIVE- CHOCOLATE ELECTRONICS Chocolate Drive ...impossible not to like!

$370.00 USD ?
Whoa! One second in and I'm sold. Chocolate Electronics is in fact Tetsuro Horino from Japan.
He handmakes every pedal. This OD really 'is' something different.
This pedal is super fat. It is harmonically one of the richest sounds I've ever heard.
It assertive but not a bit aggressive. The mids are huge right across the spectrum with a very full bass.
The sound has a light as air quality. Every note comes at you like a huge puff of smoke.

A simple set up of treble, bass, drive and volume.

I see this as an alternative to the many transparent pedals for vocal accompaniment. It is stellar
for big chords backing anything. It is NOT
for blistering solo work. Not what you have or use this I am sure of.
This would be an amazing second pedal for anyone.
Absolutely impossible not to like!

It sounds good on both hummies and single coil PU's
It does a great job of not masking the Strats natural tone. If you have single coils this is hard to resist!

It does sound a fair bit like T. Jaunerig Gristle King first introduced in 2006 which is still made and is $229.00.
This King has endless knobs and switches so it is a big pedal that needs a lot of real estate.
The Gristle King is not as dense and likes a bit of help with some break up on a nice amp.

The Choc. OD is unusually versatile. It is musical left anywhere on the sweep of the gain knob.

NOTE: seek out a direct from Japan store. 
In the west WD Music is the only source and they want $370.00 USD ...yes you read that right!!!!!
A Japanese site called World Shopping 
had a used one for $182.00 USA 
New it should be about $225.00 USD

You note I said 'had one'
I will give you a Hands asap mine is shipped.


Well I just got it. I had it up and going in a couple of minutes.
With the generic every thing at 12 o'clock setting the very first thing I noticed is the damn thing sustains big time ...I set the level on unity and hit another note. No difference that sustain was as good.
So the overall tone is indeed very rich sounding. changing the gain or EQ in any way really changes the sound. I truly think I could get 3 or 4 sounds out of it and in a blindfold test you could be told that each sound was different pedal.  Guys with very different styles could easily find a good sound. I would say it runs from hard rock to fusion ...just dial in your tone.
Unlike most pedals some of the best sounds are with the gain way down under 12 o'clock. having the treble just left or right with the bass pulled back gives you some incredible mid tones. Subtle changes in this area can make a great sound a killer sound.
It sounds so good with the gain turned all the way down some guys will use it for their always on clean sound!
Anyhow I was trying it with my little generic trashy practise amp. I virtually got it out of a dumpster. LOL So on the weekend at practise I will try it with my whole rig and then come back here and do a Part 2.
I got to make sure this is not a 'too good to be true' pedal. LOL

Saturday, June 2, 2018

OVERDRIVE-GURUS Sexydrive MKll of the most versatile pedals ...EVER!!!

$250.00 USD

One of our readers 'Tin Man' put me wise to
this pedal.
Gurus an Italian amp and pedal maker. Like many Italian companys they go their own way ...they don't bother with things like the next Plexi or Tweed pedal.
They call the design 'Old School' and say they
added everything from Dumble to Klon to the mix.
I think they are not 'Old School' they are 'Gurus School' and players are much better off because of it.
The only old school thing I can see is that they added clean sound to the distortion to keep the attack of the note clean and crisp with lots of definition. This is part of the Tube Screamer sound.
I do like that they give you a mix control to add as much or as little as you like. It is avery workable addition to the pedal.

So what about the sound. Versatile!!! You can get a clean amp like sound with even a boost that makes a Tube Screamer sound like a piece of junk. Or if you like a really great crunch. The dirt sounds have balz big time.
It really is a versatile pedal, I never thought I would say this
Damn it 'Tin Man' now I want another pedal.

Check out the first video it covers all the basic sounds from a balzy clean sound to wall of sound with a great medium gain chunky chord sound.
The overall voicing is very American ...a 6L6 tube type sound...there is nothing Brit about it.
It has won a few editorial awards. Well deserved too.



$125.00 USD
Dead simple but all you need for alive always on reverb.
The controls are labelled Dwell and Level.
In short ...the difference of the volume of the reverb to the guitar and how long the reverb sustains.
Spring is the classic Fender amp reverb sound. Plate is the old school
sound of artificial studio reverb. You put the signal into a huge rectangular metal plate and a sensor on the the two different lengths of the rectangle and it delays the signal over 2 time lengths as opposed to spring with just a single delay. It has always sounded great on guitar. Think Pink Floyd.
An average room reverb that you can turn from a small or larger room by cutting the dwell.

Right now only Sweetwater have it but that will change. Give it a few months.





So for a cool $3300.00 USD you get a plexiglass guitar that lights up with an aluminum neck & pickguard, composite fretboard, Lolar pickups, Spurzel tuners 
and Graphtech bridge.  

The coolest thing is on the Aluminati site there is a little box on the 'order' page that you can click on how many you want. 

STOP LAUGHING!!! That is just plain rude!

So how does it sound.

Thin and metallic.
HEY! I am the first guy to not be afraid to be the early adopter!!! BUT this video is not subtle. A $150.00 Squier can blow this out of the water for tone!!!

400 POSTS!!!
I have reached 400 Posts. I estimate there are at least 300 OD's reviewed.
I do not think there a lot more then 100 that I have missed. There are at least 100 I checked on that were such crap that I would not waste your time with them.
About a third of the better ones are from one man operations coming from obscure small poverty stricken countries. Most of these are mind blowers!!!

Best of all you get my arrogant self centered opinion of them. Lucky you!!! LOL


Basically the Stevie Ray Vaughan's light OD sound in a box. It does more then just be a transparent drive or a boost pedal makes a Strat sound more like Strat then Strat !!! lol
I ordered is a limited edition 100 pieces.

So for $35.00USD you get a Fuzz that even a fuzz hater loves!!!
No that Fuzz hater isn't me! Check out the vid and see!
A no brainer deal !!!

Whao a tube OD for $65.00 USD made by a reputable company.

Some say that this is the ultimate Tube Screamer based pedal. I do not know?
But I know an amazing pedal when I hear one. I have owned 4 ts pedals and they soon ended up on Reverb. But I bought this one. It ain't going nowhere!

A word class serious metal pedal. The sound and the build quality are damn impressive!
The price is impressive too. $125.00 USD
Expect a 'Hands On' ASAP !!!

If you but a graphic EQ on a fairly good OD will it turn it into a monster? Maybe!!!

No not a pedal but an excellent free online magazine. They already have 24 issues.
They are short but well written and with some stuff worth the trouble of checking out.

Over the years I have been stung many times by so called transparent drives. I have looked for things that are very full open and airy only to find out I was listing to a mediocre pedal going thru a $3000.00 class A amp. LOL
This drive has a sound like huge puffs of harmonic smoke...every chord is full of rich  translucent mids floating out of the pedals chimney.
It is too extremely harmonically rich for an actual tube amp. Unless it is a gourmet mega bucks one!
This I think is the real deal!!!
KILLER pedal!
Bought this one!!! It's in the mail! Really looking forward to it big time!!! 

June 11/18
Just got it so check out the Post!!!

A no nonsense zero learning curve box for direct recording or going direct live.
with lots of choices and Thomas Blugs keen ear to get authentic sounds!

It will soon be time to do an Overdrive update fact rewrite from scratch the best 10 overdrives on the planet! 
It will be damn tough because for every one that gets a 10 out of 10 there are 5 or 6 similar pedals that would get a 9.5. OUCH!!!

Maybe I should do four. 
Best ...low gain, ...medium gain, ...high gain  & ...ulta high gain/Metal

From June 18,2016 this post gets a sh@t load of hits every day. From who?
From Fuzz lovers that wish they could have this defunct classic and have found out from word of mouth that they can ...if they order Ananashead's SUPER-FUZZ a part for exact replica. Better still it's cheap!!! Check out this post!!!
I have had mine for a couple of years and sold Fuzz boxes I paid $400.00 plus for but this one'.AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE!!! I used it yesterday at practise...still get a chill! KILLER!

A great balzy OD... hard not to love! ...reasonable price for a serious Plexi!!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

OVERDRIVE- TC ELECTRONIC Tube Pilot ...a real tube OD and cheap!!!


$65.00 USD

Yes a real tube OD. It has a gain knob and a level.
Like all such pedals it is based off of a 12ax7 preamp tube.
The tube needs some serious voltage to sound good so they all
come with an adapter with a bit of smack.
The more voltage the better. BUT lots of voltage and you get into
a lot of expense for both good operation and SAFETY!

It hasn't any tone controls. Without a lot of EQ on it's own it sounds pretty ratty. This is typical of many low end tube OD's. The exception is Masterbuilt. They do the  Stone Grove the best cheapy but it is $200.00 USD. Still the tone is very good.

So if you have an EQ or even stack the TC you may get some good results. Having to tweak your amp to fit the pedals sound is a non starter for me. I need to set the amp to sound good with all my pedals.
If you are a stay at home hobbiest this pedal could be a lot of fun.

There are better pedals that are all transistors but stacking them with a real tube OD could take some of those pedals to a whole new level. At $65.00 USD you haven't much to loose.

Sunday, May 27, 2018




Working with guitarist Steve Stevens J Rockett came up with
an incredibly versatile mid gain to near high gain OD.
The key was simple just give it a six band EQ so the player can mod the tone to their own rig and taste.

Even with a heavy low end the pedal is tight. The harmonics jump and even when pushed into natural feedback it iseasy to control ...damn impressive!

AMPLIFIER- BARONI LABS Custom Amp 100... a powerful pedal amp with a decent sound!


$330.00 USD
If you want to keep it small and light or just want a serious backup amp this could be the answer.
3 way EQ, master volume, with a decent gutsy Brit style drive with EQ and volume.
It is 100 watts into 16 ohm 's which is typical of all these amp pedals. They love to rate the amp by 16 ohms  as many buyers do not know they may easily make the wrong choice.The average guy has an 8 ohm cab. If you buy a cab most of the selection out there is 8 ohm. Fortunately the Baroni is 60 watts into 8 ohms. Since 40 to 50 watts is ideal in a band this 60 watts will be fine.
The clean sound is the best I've heard from a solid state amp. Impressive amp just as an amp. Cooler still that it comes in such a small package.

In conclusion the built in OD is easily as good as most pedals out there.
Think of it as a very good OD pedal for $230.00 USD with a hundred dollar amp. It then starts looking like a bargain!



They sound good with or without pedals.
They are 100% Pro sounding.
They sound like a great Tube amp because they are.
They have zero down side using them in a band.
They are both not stupidly heavy or large.
They are both easy to use.
If you travel you can rent one or get yours repaired.
If you change your mind they are an easy sell.
They both sell for $800.00 USD a realistic price
for anyone wanting a serious amp.

Are these the very best amps to own to push pedals thru. NO!
They do a great job but as for a Pro sound for an amp to use live in a band pedals or not
they check all the boxes.

Most guys fall into 2 categories with an amp. You love the classic Fender sound or you love the classic Marshall sound.
Those that argue they are different would have to retract the argument if they could read the schematics of some other make of amp they support. It is based off of one of these two.
Any amp under or over 50 watts can cause you a BIG problem. More power and you can not push the amp hard enough to get a good sound without drowning out someone in a band. Less and the drummer will drown you out.
It has always made sense to either mic up the whole band or mic up ONLY the vocals. Any other way gets stupid with problems getting a good band overall balance.


A classic Fender clean sound with the equally classic Fender reverb.
The OD is tolerable but I would NEVER use it over any of 20 pedals I own!
Fender guys may argue but buying any Fender past or present for it's OD
or even crunch sound is in my books pushing it!
I have owned 2 classic Twin Reverbs a Bassman and a Super Reverb.
All originals ...all in mint condition!
So I feel qualified to my conclusions.
Besides it is a single channel amp and just using your pedals is much simpler.

$800.00 USD


A dead clean Marshall amp is misnomer. A just before breakup sound from a Plexi is what it is all about. This amp has that nailed. It does a stellar Crunch but it is easier with pedals to avoid it as it is a single channel amp. A good argument for a Head with a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab can be easily made. I myself use an ADA Guitar Cabinet Simulator which does a very reasonable impression.
It is a cheap and practical way of curing  the problem.

$800.00 USD

Both amps have features that you may or may not care about.
But the bottom line is both amps will give you a totally pro sound for the least amount of money.
Both amps can get you one of the two most classic and copied sounds ever made.

More money can get you MORE ...but can it get you a better sound or will you really just be getting a different sound???
Both 'sounds' have decades of history of always been desirable.
In my book ...they are equal, and a bullet proof choice of tone.

For the most part it is all about how important a clean sound is to your style of playing or how important is your dirt sound.
Marshall works best if you lean to using a lot of dirt pedals.
Fender if you are primarily leaning towards a clean sound or a bluesy crunch.