Saturday, July 7, 2018

OVERDRIVE- N-AUDIO ELECTRONICS Firesound V3 Ultimate Guitar drive ...flexible plus!


$175.00 USD
From Bulgaria comes the new kid on the block
N- Audio with their first OD.
The pedal has the standard layout but the switch triggers a 3 stage gain. Boost, Classic and Fat

You can choose either a light, medium or higher gain stage by a switch.
Or switch between to mid boosts  that can be set by Dip switches on the inside to tailor the mids to boost where you like them. Lower for a Plexi like sound or higher for JTM 45/Bassman like sounds.

You can run the pedal either buffered or true bypass. One dead cool idea is a small knob on the side that can give you up to a 12 dB boost on your clean sound. Great for getting the full signal of your whole board to your amp and even pushing
your clean sound to the just before breakup sound of a Plexi set to clean. This fattens your clean sound.
 The overall tone is tight and aggressive. So if that's your thing you get a lot of pedal with the Firesound!

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