Saturday, July 7, 2018

OVERDRIVE- VIEN-TAP Dark Triad OD & Distortion ...a Marshall Guv'nor type pedal ..impressive sound impressive price!!!


Basically the famous Marshall Guv'nor with a tweak or
specifically ...two.
Hard not to love with such a bullet proof heritage for a sound they nailed quite well! The sound and sustain at its mid gain
is impressive for both the tone and a really long sustain.

When pushed ...take note that the tone glazes over and looses the
very nice detail of the mid setting. I would get for that which is the sweet sounding FET side and enjoy the nice 3 way EQ to tweak too my rig.
The Metal tones though are not bad and quite usable.The clipping diode thing is just right ...not so much as to get fuzz like of fizzy.
PRICE $140.00 USD
The price is a 'SALE' price so if you like it you better
get your butt rockin' LOL

So what have we got here. A excellent work horse mid gain sound to find endless use for and an 80's type classic distortion. A great price for two serious sounds with excellent tone that easily rival a lot of pedals in the $225.00 USD price range. 

The value for money hear is a clear NO BRAINER!!!

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