Saturday, July 7, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ROTHWELL Switchblade Distortion ...state of the art build


$185.00 USD
Rothwells main gig is making high tech for industrial purposes
they only use high end best of parts.They quite literally make pedals for fun using the pedals to fill out short periods of down time.
Buying for their prioritys allows them volume purchases
for cheaper prices. They also have state of the art equipment
and facility's. In short they can make the very best pedals for
cheap prices.They are under the radar because it suits their
prime products that are NOT pedals.
They have several OD's all are extremely impressive.

The switchblade is a Brit type pedal that goes from medium gain to high gain. The sound is tight but heavy and as thick and dense as
solid steel.
           Well worth your attention!!

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