Saturday, July 28, 2018

OVERDRIVE-CHOCOLATE ELECTRONICS Iron Goddess ...quality made ...detailed sound


Tetsuro Horino is a underground legend in 'Pedal Land'
$315.00 USD
the detail in the tone of his pedals is without question.
I have his Cholate Drive (read the Post) and I love it.
He seems happy enough working away at his pedals
in Japan selling them online with the sole aim to
sell to his Japanese fans.
The site is in Japanese as are the prices. Finding his pedals anywhere else is NOT easy.
The thing I do not like about his pedals is quite simply they
are NOT FAT!!! The sound borders on thin compared with other makers.
The Cholate Drive is a medium gain pedal with such a detailed and lush tone it doesn't mater because I use it where the tone
needs that detail. I love it because it has a strong Brit flavour yet fits where one of the various Dumble style pedals would normally show up. I find the Dumble pedals just a bit pretentious ...a kind of I am really a Jazz player but I know
that straight Jazz is a little over your head attitude.

So Metal is meant to be in your face and this pedal is not
If I were into Metal exclusively this would be a great second pedal where bringing down the onslaught in a set with a more laid back tune would be an enjoyable break for both me and the audience.

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