Sunday, June 3, 2018



I have Thomas Blugs infamous Bluguitar Amp1 which
$300.00 USD
has a single military micro tube to emulate an all tube amp. It is a hybrid amp that has 100 watts yet only weighs 2 LB.
I was thrilled when I got and to be fair if cranked it sounds stellar!
It is now a great though perhaps expensive back up amp. LOL
I now use Marshall's Origin 50H a basic 50 watt Plexi.
I also use an ADA GCS-2 speaker emulator that makes my single 12' Celestion Neo Creamback sound like a Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab.

So how does the Blug stack up. Well it has an array of 5 Marshall stacks representing
different Celestion speaker choices over several years. From what I heard they sound damn good.
BUT for my purposes the ADA works great and is considerably cheaper at $120.00 USD and you can find them used, I got mine in mint for $80.00 USD.
I get a lot of that fatness from my placement near the speakes edge but since that is not typical
other demonstrators tend to put it closer to the center of the cone for a tighter sound so if I could
compare it side to side I would know if it is worth moving up.

For recording it has a huge selection of speakers to choose from and for many this is perfect as it is much, much simpler to use then it's high end 'do all's' and we have Blug's stellar ear not just his technical abilities to make sure the sounds are authentic.

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