Saturday, June 9, 2018

OVERDRIVE- AURA Brown Sugar ....superb sounding medium gain pedal ...ONE BIG BUT !!!


$440.00 USD
         $165.00 USD

Aura are an Brazilian amp company that also make a line of OD pedals.
This is their latest.
It has the standard level and gain and a 3 way EQ.
One can not miss the fact that they are hardly cheap
at $440.00 each they exceed all but a very few. Even those few are usually laden with features with many switches and knobs to access them.
Other then the MIAB (Marshall in a Box) handle we know nothing!!! Handling of the EQ will give you a nice chunky medium gain OD that can lean from a Plexi to a JCM 800 with a bit of tweaking. The sound is tight but fat and aggressive and has a very natural real tube like tone.

A great pedal. But there are at least a few as good. At about $225.00 USD give or take I would be giving my 'flexible' friend a workout. BUT at $440.00 Whoa.
PedalPal from Venezuela do 3 Marshalls easily as good for under $200.00 USD. In fact the Pal 800 Gold is this Pedals Twin! It has more features and is $185.00 USD
In short ...twice the price!!!! "I don't get it?"

I do get it ... a big price drop... Reverb has it for
$165.00 USD from the factory no less!
mmm sales at the old price??? Do you think? LOL

If you like it go for it's a really good Brit medium gain OD... not a lot of sustain .....average ...but get a different high gain pedal for that.
Need a comparison???
Check out the PedalPal Pal 800 Gold... easily it's equal. It has a switch to give let you match it to your touch that will follow the dynamics of your 'touch' and natural playing style. Nice. Sound wise they are twins
The overall sound is very, very similar.
I have the 'Gold' so I will give this pedal a miss.

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