Sunday, June 17, 2018

OVERDRIVE- QUIMPER ELECTRONICS RETROFIER Road Trip Warm Glow ...the pedal 'is' a tube???


$235.00 USD
The first thing you notice right off is that you are presented with a huge pedal with the usual on & off foot switch and 2 knobs. One is marked Drive  and the other is labeled Output.

So you say to yourself. What the FEEK!!! Or something like that. LOL

So here's the deal. Quimper think the only way to get a great tube sound without a tube is build one as the circuit itself.
The standard deal is to think ... FET or field effect transistor ...when pushed it sounds tube like. To simplify it creates a square wave with rounded corners ...with a real tube the whole wave is rounded wave. Close enough ???
Not for Quimper!

Well they did it. It is on one hand very impressive but on the other is very subtle.

It is what it is and does what is does. It has one very mild pleasant sound. There isn't any tone shaping of any kind. In short other then warming up an old school all transistor amp I see little use for it as a performance rock music tool. In the studio to warm up a variety of signals ...yes ...but as a stomp box
If they built a good guitar preamp around it perhaps they might have something.

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