Sunday, June 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- HOT BOX PEDALS by Moen HB-RS Rusher OD...big bad sound low price!!!


$65.00 USD
Not so many years ago Kawai made a premium series
of gourmet pedals, They were actually designed and made by Moen.
Moen are a Chinese company that made premium pedals for a Chinese niche market. They always strived for the very best
but without a 'name' they have a very high profile because by not making clones they are unnoticed by the bargain hunters. They have always had to sell to the west with very low margins and that is evident here.
The Canadian company Hot Box wants to put them on the map but until they do they too will be selling cheap. Bottom line not be fooled by the price this is serious stuff. The Rusher is a case in point. Huge sounding OD with fat, fat rich overtones.
Yet a transparent tone where you can hear every note with great definition.
After leaving this Post for a few days and coming back and giving it another listen this pedal has all the signs of high gain Tube Screamer. I know high gain and ts do not sound like a comfortable marriage but it keeps popping up lately. The Cmat Mods Signa is a case in point. The transparency is accomplished by blending in some clean guitar with the dirt. The JRC4853 chip was the first ts chip but now there are 10 more. So that gives a lot 
of companies a short at a high gain ts.

If I had not bought the Signa I think I would give this one a shot!
I may yet get one but I am in the midst of building twin pedal boards. I already have 50 on my present one. I have at least another 10 waiting for a vacancy. 
I can barely lift my board so I think 2 medium size boards is the answer. 
That is of course if 30 pedals on a board can be called medium size. LOL

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