Saturday, June 2, 2018

OVERDRIVE-GURUS Sexydrive MKll of the most versatile pedals ...EVER!!!

$250.00 USD

One of our readers 'Tin Man' put me wise to
this pedal.
Gurus an Italian amp and pedal maker. Like many Italian companys they go their own way ...they don't bother with things like the next Plexi or Tweed pedal.
They call the design 'Old School' and say they
added everything from Dumble to Klon to the mix.
I think they are not 'Old School' they are 'Gurus School' and players are much better off because of it.
The only old school thing I can see is that they added clean sound to the distortion to keep the attack of the note clean and crisp with lots of definition. This is part of the Tube Screamer sound.
I do like that they give you a mix control to add as much or as little as you like. It is avery workable addition to the pedal.

So what about the sound. Versatile!!! You can get a clean amp like sound with even a boost that makes a Tube Screamer sound like a piece of junk. Or if you like a really great crunch. The dirt sounds have balz big time.
It really is a versatile pedal, I never thought I would say this
Damn it 'Tin Man' now I want another pedal.

Check out the first video it covers all the basic sounds from a balzy clean sound to wall of sound with a great medium gain chunky chord sound.
The overall voicing is very American ...a 6L6 tube type sound...there is nothing Brit about it.
It has won a few editorial awards. Well deserved too.

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