Sunday, June 24, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ELTEKO Zoo Drive a very overdriven JTM45 type sound ...and damn good too!!!


 Good old fashion take on a Marshall JTM 45 complete with the slashing upper mids
Definitely a gourmet twist to it a it has gain gain and more gain.

$210.00 USD

Not exactly sweet ...definitely a tight in for close hand to hand combat pedal
Great quality build and attention to detail.
Everything from a lower mid gain to very high gain. A beautiful take on a JTM45.
It just screams "Look at me!!!"

Once again it is the obscure guys hand making the really killer pedals and for a reasonable price  Ilko Iliev from Bulgaria.

What's not to like??? For your money you get a lot of pedal!!!
This thing will cut through anything has lots of balz and a very even sweet tone!!!

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