Saturday, June 30, 2018

OVERDRIVE EQ - BLUES MATE O'Drive Styler ...maybe cool??? maybe not???


 $185.00 USD 
It's hard to judge this pedal but it could be coolest thing since the Tube Screamer?

It is a pedal meant to improve the articulation, clarity and dynamics of any OD.
Not strictly an ordinary EQ. It can give you a clean boost, treble boost or scoop or boost the mids.
It seems to give an overall warmth to the sound.

It is such a transparent sound that judging it is hard because all transparent OD's are very dependent on how good your amp sounds. I have a few of those that went from just OK to WOW once I bought a Plexi.

The harmonic stuff in the second vid is legit ...well worth knowing all about when choosing an OD pedal in the first place. Get the right one and you would not need this pedal. LOL
I got to admit though ...this pedal is a cool idea!
You could use it as an 'always on' pedal to fine tune the sound of your amp.

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