Friday, June 15, 2018

FUZZ- MOEN Fuzz-Moo ...a bit like a Big Muff but fatter with endless sustain ...& $35.00

$35.00 USD

The older big 'Moo' has been around for years with a cult like following. A Fuzz even the Fuzz haters love.
Endless sustain ...lots of balz ...super tight even gives you definition when strumming away.
It reminds me of my original Big Muff that I bought new just after
they came out.
I bought the new Nano one a year ago and thought it would sound like the Moo .... Did it???
I sold it! What a piece of junk!!!
At the price it is worth a try.

It was recently been shrunk into a MXR 'b' type box.
The price tag has shrunk too.

The price reflects a straight from China price. (you can get it on AliExpress shipping too.)

The discontinued older casing.

Right now it is on sale on Ali Express so it could go up 5 or 10 bucks.
Bottom line. Not much risk since if you sell it used you should be able to get back your money

First I should mention it is very nicely made ...solid as a rock and the pots are firm but smooth ...nothing about it says 'budget pedal'.
It has a really fat syrupy low end. You can add lots and lots of highs without loosing those lows at all. 
The sustain is good. The only criticism is like a lot of fuzz boxes it is a bit noisy.
I have a gate on my Fuzz loop so it isn't a problem.
I find it is just a bit bland but if you stacked any interesting OD you probably already own the combination will probably be scary. 
I can see using it to drive my EH Synth which has a few good usable sounds but the combined effect will have some serious punch!

At the price it is a no brainer just can't loose. It is better then quite literally hundreds of Fuzz units that sell for 3 or 4 times as much!!!!

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