Saturday, June 16, 2018

OVERDRIVE- LOVE PEDAL Super 6 ...instant Stevie Ray sound

$225.00 USD
) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )  )   ) SRV 

This OD is patterned off a Fender Black Face Super Reverb with the volume set to 6. Hence the name.
The gold stripe on this one is indicative of a limited edition of 100 pedals with the SRV mod.
I heard the standard green with black stripes one and
you can easily hear a definite difference.

I just got a custom handmade 64-65 Strat neck PU
from Q.
Q is Tiho a guy in Croatia that winds and tweaks them until they nail the Hendrix sound. The 64-65 PU's were hand wound by Fender
and they varied. Some were a bit hot others not.
He has got the winding's down to match the sound dead on.
I am semi retiring my Fender Custom Strat from playing live as a lot of guys in my area have had them stolen. But the sound was critical on a few tunes.
So I am having the Hendrix PU built into the neck position of my ...Silvertone guitar.
(I even found a nice German made nickel plated open faced cover for the PU to keep the guitars look from being spoiled)
I still need a Strat sound for a couple of tunes.
So the PU and the pedal are ear candy to make up for not having my real Strat.
Hence this is a gotta have.


Take a Strat and click on the neck PU and you
instantly have  Stevie Ray Vaughan's clean sound.

I think most who buy this pedal if they wanted more dirt they would
stack this with another OD or use this pedal as a booster to push their amp into a crunch.

I felt the Wampler Tumnus added some nice mellow mids in the video. I have a Tone city Bad Horse Klon wanna be I will give that a shot as a stand in as they really are the same kind of thing.  It will all be going thru my Plexi which I have set to clean for all my pedals. I became a big SRV fan from when the Bowie Let's Dance record came out.

Impressive!!! I would bet an entry level Squier Strat with this pedal would sound great.
In a blindfold test someone would be saying "Whoa ...what kind of Strat have you got!!!"

Keep in mind if you love the sound that they are only making 100 of them for the whole world.  They can sell half of them in Briton the second the word gets around. Then you have the whole of Europe and Australia too.

Yes I did! Mine is already ordered and I expect 10 days tops before I get it.


 It arrived so I checked it out with my Custom Shop Strat, my dumpster dive amp and a Plexi pedal backed right off for a boost.
Without the boost it sounded like the best Dire Straits Sulton's of Swing tone you ever heard.
With my make shift boost it sounded like the vid if they would have made that demo with a wonky tube in their amp. lol
My first impression was one of calm satisfaction. With my set up a 9 out of 10 is damn good.
So I will have more to say when I can get my Tone City Bad Horse Klon clone doing the Tumnus thing.
YES! Money well spent. for the SRV. This was enough to see that 'the' sound was there.

Like I said the pedal by itself is worth owning just for it's Mark Knopfler Strat sound.
The Tone City Bad Horse successfully pulled off the Tumnus thing.
This time I used my Silvertone with the 64 Strat PU in it as I just got it back that day.
I used it on a middle eight thing and managed to come up with arpeggio type Knopfler kind of chords with some very nice jangly passing notes. It puts a really fresh break in the tune it's in.
The Super 6, the Bad Horse and the 64 Strat PU in the Silvertone worked out very well. 
The verse and chorus thing is all dirt pedals and the Duncan Pearly Gates PAF 
in the bridge position of the Silvertone does the trick
I have been working on a tune with my 12 string Fx and my Vox treble booster. I am using my Fender Duo Sonic with the Ricky PU. The tune  has a Byrds vibe to it. I thought I could use the 55 Duncan Tele PU in the neck position of the Duo with the SRV setup for the songs chorus. A great contrast but the brightness of both parts will blend them beautifully.

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