Saturday, June 9, 2018

OVERDRIVE- MAD PROFESSOR 1 Distortion/Reverb ...dirt and more dirt

 MAD PROFESSOR 1 Distortion/Reverb 

It could not be simpler. It is a very high gain pedal that it's lowest gain setting is a killer distortion that goes from a lot to a ridiculous amount. It is an 'Eddie pedal'
Why else would it be Brown? Because it is shi ...nah its a Plexi on steroids.
It has reverb built in too. No I don't no why either. It is hardly a Fender combo sound. Is it?
To be fair the reverb is a studio plate. Very nice. It sounds very good. It is idiot proof to get the infamous 'sound'

So what do I really think. It sounds great!!! They have done a great job. In spite of the focus it does not sound contrived but natural and amp like.

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