Friday, June 1, 2018

OVERDRIVE- TC ELECTRONIC Tube Pilot ...a real tube OD and cheap!!!


$65.00 USD

Yes a real tube OD. It has a gain knob and a level.
Like all such pedals it is based off of a 12ax7 preamp tube.
The tube needs some serious voltage to sound good so they all
come with an adapter with a bit of smack.
The more voltage the better. BUT lots of voltage and you get into
a lot of expense for both good operation and SAFETY!

It hasn't any tone controls. Without a lot of EQ on it's own it sounds pretty ratty. This is typical of many low end tube OD's. The exception is Masterbuilt. They do the  Stone Grove the best cheapy but it is $200.00 USD. Still the tone is very good.

So if you have an EQ or even stack the TC you may get some good results. Having to tweak your amp to fit the pedals sound is a non starter for me. I need to set the amp to sound good with all my pedals.
If you are a stay at home hobbiest this pedal could be a lot of fun.

There are better pedals that are all transistors but stacking them with a real tube OD could take some of those pedals to a whole new level. At $65.00 USD you haven't much to loose.

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