Saturday, June 30, 2018

OVERDRIVE- WAY HUGE Overrated Special SMALLS.. Limited Edition goes mainstream


$170.00 USD
A limited edition full size pedal goes mainstream. SMALL!
Yes the Joe Bonamassa pedal will be given to the masses. lol

Loosely based on a Marshall sound it has a low mid cut or boost.
The boost gives it a Plexi vibe.

The overall tone sounds like an amp in a drain pipe. A metallic
resonant ring. No that is not a put down as it sounds good and makes the pedal 'cut' without any harshness.

I will assume the circuits are identical to Joe's as it is unlikely he will endorse them. There is only the Summer Namm video so I included Joe playing his original pedal that he used on a video two years ago.
It is being shown off at the Summer Namm 2018 and will ship in July.
I am new school ...I set my amp on clean and get all my OD from the pedals. Since the Way Huge is meant to be pushing into an amp set to crunch it counts me out. Joe is old school and lately has dumped nearly all his pedals.
This pedal may not work for everyone for example I have a Love Pedal Super 6 Stevie Ray pedal needs a clean amp to go thru. So you need to give it some thought or you will paint yourself into the corner.


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