Friday, June 8, 2018

OVERDRIVE- XOTIC SL Drive ...another PLEXI ?

$125.00 00 USD

If I described what a great OD should sound like etc. and I was handed this I would have to agree I got what I asked for. But how do ask for a bit of Mojo and not look like an air head?
At the price and with the general quality of any Xotic pedal
I would not criticize you for scooping up one of these.

Like all of the Xotic mini pedals it has the usual dip switches inside'
I find this a bit annoying since you can not flip open the bottom to tweak when one tune needs one sound and another tune needs another.

On the down side it does not have the rich harmonics or detail in the sound of many of the Plexi pedals. It also does not have the dynamics of others. It has some punch and you can get some decent lows
out of it.
It has noticeably little serious sustain ...but a real Plexi have doesn't any either. lol
A lot of pedals put it in because on records the player almost always is using a Fuzz or some other dirt box with his Plexi amp.
In short one expects it.
A good PLEXI pedal should have fat rich lower mids is a bit disappointing in this department.

In short a nice little pedal but not a killer or must have one.
Pedals in general keep getting better so it is easier to ask for more.
One might say it is rather a plain vanilla OD but it is at least a French vanilla jobbie!

Considering the advantage of the pedals size
and the price the dip switches are a good idea.

The Super Bass is a very nice extra for a few players, It is Marshall's 200 watt amp that guys like Ritchie Blackmore still use. Not for the level but for sh@t loads of headroom, He prefers preamp distortion over amp distortion & this is the trick to get that.

One thing majorly in it's favour. Listen to the vid. This pedal is very versatile. It is articulate on every note and chord. Others are definitely more exciting but this the one that could well be used the most.

If you are at a bricks and mortar that has Xotic check out their compressor it's killer and 
cheap for the quality.

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