Saturday, June 30, 2018

* * * FUZZ/OD - DEEP TRIP Hellbender ...60's style OD ....killer!!! * * *

$200.00 USD

Based on the Tonebender Fuzz pedals of the 60's but beefed up to far beyond any tech of the time it is the ultimate overkill pedal of it's type.

Fat, balzy and totally in your face it terrorizes  as it tears thru every riff and power chord you can
put thru it!!!

With volume, tone and fuzz and an added bias control
you can zero in to your ultimate tone!

From rock blues to the early roots of Metal it covers it all.
  ...and with gain to spare!!!

WHOA!!! Gotta put this on the short list!!!

I have gone back to this for a few weeks now.
and I just gotta have!!! So I went to the DEEP TRIP site.
It is temporary out of production as they are filling orders of their 2 new Fuzz pedals.
They will not take a deposit ...they will only 'E' me when
a few are in stock ...then it is every man for himself to get your order in.
One reviewer/store owner waited 6 months from the 2016 NAMM show 
where it was first shown before he got his order.

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