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In the 60's the 500 pound Hammond B3 organ
found it's way into rock music having gone from the church to the jazz player to rock.
It was never meant to be portable. In fact for years it could be placed in a church and sit in one place for years.
Deep Purple, Stevie Winwood,
Kieth Emerson and others made it the 'must have' organ!
With it came it's companion the Leslie tone cabinet. It too was a furniture piece.

$350.00 USD
The Leslie was a mechanical device meant to simulate
the natural modulation of a cathedral on the the sound of a pipe organ. It had a spinning horn going in one direction
moved by a simple electric motor. A speaker that was fixed
with a spinning wooden drum with one side open and
a board acted as a horn, The drum spun in the opposite direction. The Leslie used the preamp in the organ to power
the amplifier in the Leslie. So you could not plug a guitar into it. Eventually portable preamps were made to fix that.
George Harrison was a big fan of the Leslie.

Modern tech can obvious put it all in a stomp box.
So know the big deal is to make a convincing replication of
the original Leslie tone.
the leslie motors ran at 2 speeds. Slow which gave choral
or chorus effect and fast which is  vague more vibrato like.
changing from one to the other means the motor either has to speed up or slow
down. There are no brakes to stop the 'spin' so this takes a few seconds to happen,
The change is a special effect in itself. It is part of the charm.

Neo make a few models but the mini simple operates like the 'real deal'
which is certainly all the guitarist needs. It has been replaced with the
Mini VENT II. Nothing new just I expect a few upgrades, tweaks or bugs removed,

Dead cool!!!

I love it. I am NOT big on pedals that require me adapting to them. In short having written a tune that
could use some colour I do not wish to rewrite it to fit a pedals side effects.
I would rather have 2 or 3 pedals that have been built to one thing as good as possible then some digital do it all. I have had those only to find them totally disappointing. I am talking expensive good ones too.
I do not care if it is done with analog or digital ...I just want excellence!
On the whole I find analog is usually better. To those who argue otherwise ...Why don't you buy a hightech plastic guitar then??? I rest my case!
Digital reverbs and delays have come a long way and are not only great sounding but recently a few are user friendly (that alone is mind boggling LOL).
So this pedal really appeals to me.
I have been going thru about 10 thousand a year for 3 years. I have amassed some great toys. But half of the stuff was a learning curve. I have about 20 expensive pedals on Reverb. LOL
The point is this pedal is on the shortlist but reaching for that list is just out of reach at the present.LOL

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