Saturday, June 9, 2018

OVERDRIVE-BENSON AMPLIFIERS Preamp Pedal ...something is familiar about this sound ???


$250.00 USD

Another amp company makes a pedal to mimic their amps.
A very impressive first pedal too. It has it's own voice that is very mid range strong. This makes for a very fat sound. The harmonic content is very, very rich and warm.
It is hard not to like this sound. I tend to prefer a lot of aggression in the sound.
Yes I am Plexi mad! The Plexi is a great balance between the Benson and
a modern Metal sound. It is dead in the middle.
BUT...I would love one of these too!


A great pedal but it bares a comparison to both the Chocolate Electronic OD
and the J.Jaunerig Gristle King which are more versatile as they are not trying to nail a specific amp.  They give you a similar sound but the designers are free to achieve something that was more flexible and have allowed you to obtain more aggression if you wish to push them.
I have the Chocolate Drive on order. Check out the Post.

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