Sunday, June 24, 2018

DISTORTION- RED MUSIC PM2-5 Distortion impressive Japanese pedal. No surprise! The price Suuuuuurprise!!!


$135.00 USD
Red Music are a Japanese gourmet pedal maker who
have been around since the 90's
The quality is a given. The gain goes from a high gain to a very high gain.

The tone control has some kind of quasi parametric sweep as you move it up or back down. In short when you move from lower mids to higher mids the frequency on the center point of the knob gets a nice little boost. This give your mids a singing quality. It also re-voices the pedal. If you are in the lower mids it will sound more Plexi as you move up it will sound more JTM45.
The pedal has a very good transient response so the sound is tight!
The harmonics are as smooth as silk.
Attention was paid to every detail.
The tech to get this right is brilliant. All this makes a high gain pedal
much, much better.

With a medium gain pedal this is not so critical.
A medium gain is all about the richness of the tone. In that case
a pedal designed by a guy with limited tech but great 'ears' can often 
produce a real gem.

The range makes this pedal very versatile.
The price is as impressive as the sound!!!
It would be a credible pedal if it was a hundred  dollars more.

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