Saturday, March 3, 2018

OVERDRIVE- T. JAUNERIG Bombastortion ...this could hurt someone!!!


$165.00 USD
This pedal has a huge fat sound. It has the aggression of an angry rhino.
It has more lows then your bass player. If you turn your amp on full and aim it at someone in the audience you are likely to hurt them. LOL
At the price. is a bargain.
All hand made by T. JAUNERNIG who has about 20 years making pedals
the quality is above reproach!!!

All of their pedals sound great on hummies but utterly amazing on single coils. They are all Strat and Tele heaven.


He also has made the GRISTLE KING that is already 14 years old. Now up to v.3.
It is equal to or better then any medium gain OD I have ever heard. It is the god of the single coil player. The new v.3 works as well on hummies.
The only reason I did not 'YET' buy one is they are very big pedals. The Post from Dec23,2017 is only  second to the King of Tone for the most hits.
 Word of mouth on the American club circuit has kept it that popular all these years.
What surprises me is nothing since makes it seem like yesterdays news.
If I introduced it as the newest and greatest you would not even blink an eye!!!

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