Sunday, March 4, 2018

300 DIRT PEDALS...and 10 to die for!!!


You asked for it.
The most read POSTs are the dirt pedals. There are at least 300 on this Blog. All are current and in production and all but a very, very few have current pricing.

I will soon do an up to date Post of the


There are about 10 that are the best of there kind.

At the top of the heap are the Marshall voiced OD's JTM45's PLEXI's and JCM800's
There are then quite a few specialty OD's like the SUPRO DRIVE that is unsurpassed on a TELE but less then stellar with a hummie in the guitar. How about an OD based on a small 50's Gibson combo amp? Unexpectedly excellent. There is a knock out pedal of a HI-WATT that shows you why until the owner had a crippling accident falling down a flight of stairs had Marshall frightened to death!!!
Pete Townsend switch to it and overnight there was a fire sale on used PLEXI's.

My current favourite pedal

Made in France and can only be bought at one online store that speaks English. 
It sounds like an old Marshall Plexi that tumbled down the stairs a few times and was repaired over the years with a few mismatched parts and some of the tubes are past their 'Best Before' date with speakers worn thin over the decades. It follows your touch like it's part of your body. It runs out of breath trying hard to sustain. BUT is a closer friend then your old dog.
The most pleasure you can ever have and still keep your clothes on :-)

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