Saturday, March 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ANALOG WORM OCD MK ll ....nasty but nice

$105.00 USD

A small Russian company making handmade pedals. This little beauty offers a lot of variety can pop off the bottom to reveal several switches and choose a different voicing. You get clip, thick, fat, and 2 bright.
I can find very little info in English but having dealt with similar companies I suspect this is meant to be a OCD clone. I have an OCD and it ain't a clone. LOL
I think if it were I would not have reviewed as you can buy the real deal for as much.
The OCD is a Marshall Plexi style pedal and this is not.
It has a very nasty raspy aggressive tone. Not for everyone. But this thing begs for attention.
I quite like it. A real gutsy sounding alternative to most of
the choices out there. At about $100.00USD a nice pedal to add as a second pedal for an alternative sound in your kit.

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