Sunday, March 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- DANELECTRO BILLIONAIRE Cash Cow OD.. another welcomed consideration or ?


$75.00 USD

So new the paint is wet. In short 'not yet released'
It has a nice even Brit tone but does not suggest strongly that it is trying to be a Plexi or a JTM45 etc.

But like all the Billionaire pedals it has a slick gourmet like tone
The build quality is excellent.

After their brilliant Pride of Texas this is disappointing.
The entire mid range is overly boosted so the tone has an
 annoying mid range honk.
If it were ice cream it would be a generic Vanilla.


If it is the price thing check out Xvive's the Thomas Blug Golden Brownie at $45.00 USD or Nine Volt Pedals I Was a Wolf in the Forest Distortion $65.00 USD. Even the Joyo Ultimate Drive that actually replicates the OCD's circuit. $45.00 USD.

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