Friday, March 30, 2018

EQ - WAMPLER Equator ...NOT TO BE IGNORED ...will make a single coil twice as fat as a hummie!!!


Well not so advanced has been done before but died because it was usually done poorly or because parametric EQ's  scare off 99% of players who find a graphic so easy to use and understand.

Let me explain in EQ for dummies (like me) how they work. Think of an amp with the 3 basic tone controls  one for bass ...mid and treble.
I will use the the letter A to represent them.  
So we have...

A       A     A             nothing turned up

A     A     A           ok you can see the bass is turned up

   A            & here It's the mids that are turned up 

A     A   A            & last it is the treble that is turned up

The trouble is all the good stuff happens in the mids. What if your OD sounds great but it isn't fat enough the PLEXI thing fatten up the lower mids  

You just grab the Para mid knob and sweep it to the left knob boosted the mids  ...the second knob moves the mids from the center over to the lower mid range.
Think of it as a tone control that goes up and down for boost & cut ...but moves sideways to find where. 

There actually two mid controls so you can define booth the lower and upper mids separately. 
The actual voice of an OD you already own can be change enough that it will sound like a totally different pedal!!!  

Listen to how fat the Tele is in the demo...

-When I want good tone in an OD I search the world.
-When I need pristine high tech I look at TC Electronic and Keeley
-When I need both I trade off a little tone for some high tech
 and get Wampler (they are the perfect company to design an  EQ or boost pedal)

This pedal definitely worth considering is already on my short list ...unfortunately not available until April.

If you are into buget overdrives especially clones put this sweet EQ in front of them and turn it into as good or BETTER OD then the original.

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