Saturday, March 17, 2018

JHS Charlie Brown v.4 ...a Marshall JTM45 crunch pedal nice :-)

$200.00 USD

This the JHS take on a Marshall  JTM 45 which was a take on the Fender Bassman  :-)
The big change is a 3way active EQ. The EQ is excellent. It allows
you to make significant change to the overall tone.

It sounds like a '63 Marshall JTM 45 by '63 it had been tweaked enough to really give it it's own voice.
It definitely has a Marshall vibe and it is definitely a great sounding

Josh Scott the head of JHS constantly accused of ripping off nearly every pedal they build. I have read several articles on guys that can compare the schematics and verify this.
BUT... Josh is the Steve Jobs of pedals. Even if this is true the pedals
always sound distinctly different then the originals. Even more important they sound better. LOL
Whats not to like!!! The OD's are richer, beefier and balzier!!!!

The Charlie brown is meant to be a crunch pedal. The JHS Angry Charlie and AT are based off  Charlie Brown but are are more of a high gain version. Quite frankly they are all excellent sounding OD's

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