Sunday, March 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- BLACKSTAR Metal LT ....not bad for $100 bucks!


$100.00 USD

Mater of Metal has 2 Metal pedals one with a tube. The tube is a major con in fact it shows zero integrity. For a tube to act as an OD it has to have a major amount of voltage. The voltage in the Blackstar tube model is so low that they have put an LED under the tube to light it up.
At $400.00 USD they should be spanked. LOL

The GoosoniqueWorx Kult in mode1 could eat it for breakfast!
In mode3 it could eat the whole company!!!

 Even so it is not that it sounds bad. It sounds quite good but the sound you hear is NOT from the tube at all. It is from the transistors.
I included a comparison vid so you can check it out.

The LT is a straight ahead transistor OD.
By shooting for just one straight ahead Modern Metal sound it works.
It is fairly impressive.
BUT... for the same money you can get the award winning
CKK Destruction Drive

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