Friday, March 16, 2018

COMPRESSOR- KEELEY Compressor Plus in your face comp. that really does the job!!

$200.00 USD
I love this comp. It is punchy but without a nasty 'plunk' on the attack.
You can get as much sustain as you want. Last but not least it has this great swelling effect after you hit the note. A Plexi does this. It is part of the magic of a Plexi.
This effect fattens the sound and gives your sound a sense of 'power'.
Most compressors are trying to give you sustain but be invisible.
This has it's place but the natural sustain from a great 'Rock' amp like a Plexi does what the Keeley does. So why not make a comp that does this?
Well Keeley has done just that!!!

Brett Kingman's vid ...makes what it does very clear. The swelling effect is accomplished with the expander. He mentions the expander twice but does not explain what it does. Never the less the demo is easy to follow and understand.
I have one on order! If it is as good as it seems I may even buy two!!!

So after along wait my pedal arrived.
The most noticeable thing is there is barely perceivable change to the sound of your guitar.
The expander does it's thing but it is seamless. It takes seconds to just try the knobs and come up with a setting you like.
The white knob is on the 'Blend' which supply allows some of the untreated sound thru ..primarily on the attack of the notes. Odd... it would be more useful on the sustain as it is the knob most likely to be
altered according type of tune and often the tempo.

I have bought and sold a few comps. I currently am using 4 in my rig.
This one is indeed the best for anything bordering on Hard Rock, Metal or just plain assertive pop.

For Fusion, Jazz, Country  or folk perhaps another one would be better.  Like an Optic. I have 2 Optics their soft, smooth and warm sound is great on my Roger McGuinn type things or for when I almost do not need a compressor.

For most this can not be beat!!!
I have zero to really criticize ...add to that it is reasonably cheap.

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