Friday, March 30, 2018

FUZZ-MR. BLACK Doom Stick ...a huge heavy low end it!!!

   MR. BLACK DOOM STICK FUZZ                                                                              
$140.00 US
Oh my not much to say. It has a massive low end fat sound with a nice little resonant peak in the upper mids that gives it some definition.

I expect stacking it with an OD or your average classic fuzz would make it even more useful as your riff or solo would be framed with a silly level of low end.

The only downside is it has steep learning curve ...BUT once you master 'THE DREADED BIG KNOB' you will be MASTER of DOOM!!

Mr. Black makes quality pedals that are well made though like this one ...they are often weird ...
but cool! LOL

ON SALE NOW at MR. BLACKS site for $92.00 USD

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