Saturday, March 3, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ORION Silver Drive ...the ultimate for slashing tight rhythms

 $235.00 USD

This  small German company does a very nice JTM 45 style drive.
It has an vicious bite and an incredibly tight sound.
If you are into slashing chunky quarter note rhythms then you may want to consider
this pedal.

Did you notice the Knobs are are labelled in German ...I can not decide if it is annoying or just dead cool! LOL

So if this pedal says 'Buy Me!!
Please check out the POST-  OVERDRIVE- PedalPalFX 959 PLEXI EMULATOR
being voiced as a Plexi not a JCM 45 it has much heavier lows and low mids but both pedals have a very similar vibe and are worth comparing.

I have the PLEXI I like the fullness of it ...but I like the tight slightly crisper tone of the Orion.
It all gets down to what shade of grey does it for you. :-)

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