Friday, March 30, 2018

OVERDRIVE-ORIGIN EFFECTS RevivalDRIVE ...They made the amazing Cali76 comp. But OD's ????


$550.00 USD
Origin proved that if you made the very, very best pedal possible that player's would spent the price of good guitar to buy it.
After numerous variations of their Cali 76 they have now focused their attention on an overdrive.

It has two channels that can be set both to a Brit drive or the one to your right can be set for an American sound.

On the back is a set up that you can adjust the pedal's sound to match your amp. This is done with a screwdriver so once set it can not accidentally change.

It is definitely impressive the sound is as accurately tube sounding as possible.

I find it a bit dull compared to many of my pedals. I have always felt if the while pedal can give ONE great sound then great...I will buy it.
I find all pedals have underlying them a 'voice' and you can alter it but never change it.

My first impression is less then intrepid.
For one thing we have one reviewer Simon Gothelf who shows where he is coming from with 'Fusion' ditty he plays for the intro. The second is from Jay Leonard who plays at a 140 bpm on all his vids.
In short I need more vids from guys like Brett Kingman to be able to recommend it.
The basic tone is as I expected from Origin is beautifully  clear and detailed and is enticing by it's pure quality.
At a price of two or three hundred I might be sweating it out whether or not to buy it.

It looks overwhelming but is set up to be reasonably intuitive.
Check the vids ...for this you need a picture.

$650.00USD  with the footswitch  

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