Saturday, May 12, 2018

OVERDRIVE- TC ELECTRONICS Dark Mater...suddenly it got better!!!


Like it's companion the MOJO a rather average pedal had it's price
plumet and suddenly this pedal is looking good.

It has some plus points. It is harmonically really smooth and very
touch sensitive. On the down side it is wimpy and has no balz.

The voicing is quite good. It is a high gain pedal. Stacked with a very aggressive drive it would be more useful. It does have a nice wash effect. I would not call it fat as that conjures up something at least a bit in your face. I think the word full is better. Think of a wall of sound that you heard from a distance.
I think in situations where your sound needs to be laid back it may be useful. I find it better in in it's lower gain settings.

At $50.00 USD it is worth a listen. So I give you both a guarded  and a glowing review.

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