Saturday, May 19, 2018

OVERDRIVE- FOXPEDAL Wrath Distortion ...a classic with a boost!!!


From Russia comes Foxpedal with a fresh take on the classic
ProCo Rat. They start with the original NOS LM308 Op-Amp
but increase the gain far beyond the Rat.

The original 'Rat' was the original. The very first OD pedal ever made! It was so new even ProCo felt it would be overlooked if they did not market it as a Fuzz.

Shortly after the Tube Screamer came out and took over the market. Even so there were so many Rat fans that word of mouth kept sales
strong enough for Pro Co are keep going strong with the Rat.

So check it out!!! The first OD with balz and now a Rat with ...
well you know? Don't-cha!!! More!

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