Sunday, May 13, 2018

OVERDRIVE-IGNATER Goldsmith ...still a goodie !!!

$200.00 USD
This is the first of 3 pedals.The Silversmith is high gain and the Metal is ...what else ...Metal.
It is a medium gain Plexi pedal. I have always argued except for shredding the medium gain pedals always have the best sound. High gain has too much clipping which
turns a pedal into a near Fuzz. Low gain pedals often
keep shifting between breakup and near breakup and
loose any smoothness to their tone.
The key to a great OD is in the 'voicing' or fixed sound before you start tweaking. My favourite OD is a Clemo Pimento Sardine a French pedal with one little switch a level and a gain.With that and my Plexi I am in heaven!

I won't break down the bells and whistles. The initial
voicing is excellent. Enjoy the vid.

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