Sunday, May 27, 2018

AMPLIFIER- BARONI LABS Custom Amp 100... a powerful pedal amp with a decent sound!


$330.00 USD
If you want to keep it small and light or just want a serious backup amp this could be the answer.
3 way EQ, master volume, with a decent gutsy Brit style drive with EQ and volume.
It is 100 watts into 16 ohm 's which is typical of all these amp pedals. They love to rate the amp by 16 ohms  as many buyers do not know they may easily make the wrong choice.The average guy has an 8 ohm cab. If you buy a cab most of the selection out there is 8 ohm. Fortunately the Baroni is 60 watts into 8 ohms. Since 40 to 50 watts is ideal in a band this 60 watts will be fine.
The clean sound is the best I've heard from a solid state amp. Impressive amp just as an amp. Cooler still that it comes in such a small package.

In conclusion the built in OD is easily as good as most pedals out there.
Think of it as a very good OD pedal for $230.00 USD with a hundred dollar amp. It then starts looking like a bargain!

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