Friday, May 11, 2018

OVERDRIVE- BUFFALO Evolution it a Fuzz or an OD or both? is definitely a mad dog!

$285.00 USD

A different  take on an OD from France's Buffalo FX.

What's the  different? A four stage OD/Distortion?
This is another pedal under the radar. Born in 2014 and still a contender. They started with a 70's Big Muff adding 50's germanium transistors to the circuit and
voicing the pedal to suggest a Marshall like OD
Controls are basic with level, tone and gain/drive.
The contour knob allows you to sweep the mids to make find your own sweet spot. Not a new idea but definitely a welcome one.

The sound is hardly typical of realistic Marshall but who cares! The pedal is all about aggression. It is all about ripping the face off your listener. LOL
You can push it has hard as you want and the attack of the note chops down like a meat cleaver!
You could stack it or push a crunch setting on an amp into never-everland!
Love it!!!

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