Sunday, May 27, 2018



They sound good with or without pedals.
They are 100% Pro sounding.
They sound like a great Tube amp because they are.
They have zero down side using them in a band.
They are both not stupidly heavy or large.
They are both easy to use.
If you travel you can rent one or get yours repaired.
If you change your mind they are an easy sell.
They both sell for $800.00 USD a realistic price
for anyone wanting a serious amp.

Are these the very best amps to own to push pedals thru. NO!
They do a great job but as for a Pro sound for an amp to use live in a band pedals or not
they check all the boxes.

Most guys fall into 2 categories with an amp. You love the classic Fender sound or you love the classic Marshall sound.
Those that argue they are different would have to retract the argument if they could read the schematics of some other make of amp they support. It is based off of one of these two.
Any amp under or over 50 watts can cause you a BIG problem. More power and you can not push the amp hard enough to get a good sound without drowning out someone in a band. Less and the drummer will drown you out.
It has always made sense to either mic up the whole band or mic up ONLY the vocals. Any other way gets stupid with problems getting a good band overall balance.


A classic Fender clean sound with the equally classic Fender reverb.
The OD is tolerable but I would NEVER use it over any of 20 pedals I own!
Fender guys may argue but buying any Fender past or present for it's OD
or even crunch sound is in my books pushing it!
I have owned 2 classic Twin Reverbs a Bassman and a Super Reverb.
All originals ...all in mint condition!
So I feel qualified to my conclusions.
Besides it is a single channel amp and just using your pedals is much simpler.

$800.00 USD


A dead clean Marshall amp is misnomer. A just before breakup sound from a Plexi is what it is all about. This amp has that nailed. It does a stellar Crunch but it is easier with pedals to avoid it as it is a single channel amp. A good argument for a Head with a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab can be easily made. I myself use an ADA Guitar Cabinet Simulator which does a very reasonable impression.
It is a cheap and practical way of curing  the problem.

$800.00 USD

Both amps have features that you may or may not care about.
But the bottom line is both amps will give you a totally pro sound for the least amount of money.
Both amps can get you one of the two most classic and copied sounds ever made.

More money can get you MORE ...but can it get you a better sound or will you really just be getting a different sound???
Both 'sounds' have decades of history of always been desirable.
In my book ...they are equal, and a bullet proof choice of tone.

For the most part it is all about how important a clean sound is to your style of playing or how important is your dirt sound.
Marshall works best if you lean to using a lot of dirt pedals.
Fender if you are primarily leaning towards a clean sound or a bluesy crunch.


  1. Hello!
    I just found your page- cool stuff! I found this piece very helpful, I have been wanting to add a Masrshall sounding compression to my set up without breaking the bank , one that was louder ( same less expensive) than the news 18 w but something that's was not as powerful as a 100 w head, add much as the JCM 800 and 900's sound great, they are not the workmen prices amps they were when I was young and starting out in the 90's / and I knows very well the struggle between the sweet spot time and volume with those. The origin 50w seems like a perfect match to be paired with my Supro Coronado. I also agree wqith your general assessment of Fender gains- but I also love how Fenders can sound pushes with some sort. ( hot cake into proreverb may be one of my favorite sounds ever... + the gain from a memory man.)
    I was halfway ready to compromise on a used AC30... Love Vox, but not the sound that is my head right now. Thank you very much!

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