Sunday, May 13, 2018

OVERDRIVE- 6 DEGREES FX Sally Drive ...the worlds best pure ts808 Tube Screamer


This is a point to point hand wired state of the art pure TubeScreamer ts808.

The absolute best and/or original components are used to not tamper with the sound.
You get nothing but that small mid kick with a bit of gain.
It has a clean boost to get that to your amp with zero signal loss.
If you have a great amp and guitar and you want nothing to tamper with your sound.
This is it BULLET PROOF!

Simplicity at it's very best!

The Tube Screamer???
... every time someone makes one with a hot rod beef up I buy it! Bad idea.
I always have it for a month or 2 and sell it. LOL
Have I learnt my lesson. Hell NO!
I have a CMAT MODS SIGNA OD which is closerto a Fuzz then a ts808. But my 'techie' friendtell me it is based of a ts chip. LOL
I have a Plexi amp now so maybe the classic combination will work this time. Maybe?

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